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  • 无尘车间防火措施怎么做好呢?
    来源:http://www.moptuan.com 浏览: 发布日期:2017-10-20
    Fire is one of the most common disasters threatening public safety and social development in all kinds of disasters, and the same is true of the public except that the family should pay special attention to fire prevention. Let's talk about the workshop in Dongguan dust-free workshop how to do fire prevention measures.
    无尘车间内设有宝贵设备、仪器的房间除应契合现行国家标准《建筑设计防火标准>(GB 50016)的规则设置固定救活设备外,还应契合下列要求:
    In the dust-free workshop, the rooms with valuable equipment and instruments should be fitted with the existing national standard "code for fire protection design of buildings" (GB 50016), and the fixed maintenance equipment should be set up, and the following requirements should also be met:
    1, when the active water spraying system is set up, the pre effect active sprinkler system should be selected.
    2, when set up gas recovery system, should not use halogenated alkane 1211 and can cause personnel suffocation and maintenance target two times harm of life saving agent.
    The air cleanliness in clean room laying method of water supply and drainage pipeline directly affect the clean room, and in the "standard" in the primary piping clean as far as possible in the outdoor installation with maximum limit, cut the pipe in the clean room. At present, Dongguan resettlement pipeline clean workshop are: all kinds of dry tube placed in the interlayer, walk, skills skills skills in shaft.
    对具有上下夹层的无尘车间,给水排水干管大都设鄙人夹层内;暗装立管可安置在墙板、异型 砖、管槽或技能夹道内;支管由干管或立管引进洁净室,好从上、下夹层引进20~30 cm后再与设备二次配管相连;安装在技能夹道内的管道及阀件,可明装也可暗装。
    With the upper and lower laminated tube are set in the clean room, the interlayer water dry; concealed riser can be placed in the wall, special-shaped brick, pipe or a skill; pipe by dry pipe or a vertical tube to introduce clean room, preferably from the upper and lower interlayer introduced 20 ~ 30 cm and equipment the two is installed in the piping; skills in lined pipelines and valves, can be installed or concealed.
    Dongguan dust-free workshop is a constant temperature and humidity room, and the production process needs of various types of pipes have different water temperature requirements, the temperature difference between the tube and the exterior wall may cause the condensation of the outer wall of the pipe, affecting indoor temperature and humidity. Therefore, the condensation prevention measures should be adopted for the pipe with possible condensation.
    The outer surface of the anti condensation layer can be made of galvanized iron sheet or aluminum crust, which is easy to clean and does not occur dust.
    Dongguan clean workshop production process is generally ultra fine processing or sterile, dust-free, water supply system requirements are more stringent, such as large-scale integrated circuit ultrapure water, pharmaceutical industry, injection water, etc.. In addition, some water systems have high cost and strict processing requirements, so they should be set up according to different requirements (such as different water quality requirements of pure water, different water temperature of cooling water, water quality requirements, etc.).
    There are 5 main functions of the filter layer in capturing particles
    1. intercept effect: when a particle moves to the surface of the fiber, the distance between the heart line and the fiber surface is smaller than the radius of the particle, dust particles will be intercepted and deposited by the filter fiber.
    2. inertial effect: when the particle mass is large or the velocity is large, it is deposited on the surface of the fiber because of inertia.
    3. diffusion effect: small particles of Brown motion are strong and easy to collide on the fiber surface.
    4. gravity effect: the particles are deposited on the fiber by gravitational settling when they pass through the fiber layer.
    5. electrostatic effect: fibers or particles may carry charges to produce electrostatic effects that attract particles and attract particles to the surface of the fibers.


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