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  • 重症监护室装修根本要求:
    来源:http://www.moptuan.com 浏览: 发布日期:2018-12-12
    Essential requirements for ICU decoration:
    The basic auxiliary rooms of ICU include doctor's office, director's office, staff lounge, local task station, medical room, dispensing room, instrument room, dressing room, cleaning room, waste disposal room, duty room, washing room, etc. Conditional ICU can be equipped with other auxiliary rooms, including display classroom, family reception room, laboratory, nutrient preparation room, etc. The ratio of auxiliary housing area should be more than 1.5:1.
    Equipments for ICU Operating Room
    Bedside surveillance fragments
    Every bed equipped with bedside monitoring is fragmented, and basic vital signs such as ECG, blood pressure, pulse oxygen saturation and invasive pressure monitoring are stopped. In order to facilitate the safe transfer of patients, each ICU unit is equipped with at most one portable monitor. As the basic equipment, ICU monitor is equipped with one bed and fixed on the bed head or function post for easy inspection.
    Infusion pump and microinjection pump
    The infusion pump and the micro-injection pump should be equipped with each bed, of which the micro-injection pump has more than two sets per bed. In addition, a certain number of enteral nutrient infusion pumps are equipped.
    Power supply adapter
    In ICU, the use of electrical and electronic equipment is relatively concentrated. In the design, each monitoring bed should have more than 12 power outlets, more than 2 oxygen interfaces, 2 compressed air interfaces and more than 2 negative pressure suction interfaces. Electricity for medical use is separated from that for domestic lighting. The power supply for each ICU bed should be supplied by an independent reaction circuit. ICU should have standby discontinuous power scrap (UPS) and leakage maintenance equipment.
    SICOLAB Laboratory Design Company adheres to the principle that it can merge and communicate with each other, increase unreasonable human obstacles, design the environment as a small, beautiful, comfortable, safe and efficient place, break the bad habits of previous professional groups, Chu Galaxy and even sweeping the snow in front of their doors, and ensure that task personnel communicate abundantly and increase complexity. The trivial task flow guarantees seamless handover in the chain of power and responsibility, abundantly displays the team body of the department, adds mutual exchanges and assistance, and improves cohesion. As the Department manager, through the unimpeded design, he can also understand the tasks of the Department in a static, real-time and one-sided way, and deal with the task contradictions in a timely manner. The communication between department directors and staff has become very frequent, and the management of departments has changed from rigid system management to comprehensive management of system, civilization and art.
    This article is provided by Shandong Jingzhiyuan Purification Engineering Co., Ltd. http://www.moptuan.com. We will provide you with more knowledge of ICU decoration. Interested friends can pay attention to us, thank you!!


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