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  • 干净手术室空中及墙面的要求有哪些
    来源:http://www.moptuan.com 浏览: 发布日期:2018-09-07
    What are the requirements for air and wall in clean operation room?
    The building materials on the top of the clean operation room are divided into two categories: metal and non-metallic. With the development of superstition technology, more and more materials are used in clean operation room. The following is the analysis of several important international data.
    1.干净手术室墙顶的金属类建材特性及施工要点 从干净手术室墙顶建材所应满足的条件剖析来看,外的专家首先引荐的佳资料爲电镀锌钢板(也称爲电解钢板)。 镀锌钢材 电镀锌钢板具有干净手术室墙、顶建材应满足的十一项次要条件,爲现场加工,然后采用拴接,再亚弧焊 接,面层刮磨出口原子灰,喷涂出口抗菌涂料。手术室建成后爲全体无缝的气密体效果比拟好,造价不高。在建成运用中,如面层遭到强力的冲撞损坏,可现场刮磨的原子灰、喷涂相反颜色。
    1. The characteristics and construction points of metal building materials on the top of clean operating room wall. According to the analysis of the conditions that the building materials on the top of clean operating room wall should meet, the best data recommended by international experts is galvanized steel plate (also called electrolytic steel plate). Galvanized steel sheet with clean operating room wall, roof building materials should meet the eleven secondary conditions for on-site processing, and then the use of tethered, sub-arc welding, surface scraping export atomic ash, spraying export antibacterial coating. After the completion of operation room, seamless air tightness effect is better and the cost is not high. In construction and application, if the surface is damaged by a strong impact, the atom ash can be scraped and sprayed on the spot with the opposite color.
    2. Switch interface, return air outlet, and air into one, the wall components will be decomposed into a whole, close gap decorative materials. Water terrazzo should be made of cement 425 or less, waterproof sandstone emulsion paint, natural stone floor or water terrazzo slab in operation room. The diameter of stone is 5-15mm, and the angle of reflection of light can be beneficial to operation of medical staff and embedded viewing lamp. Antistatic, antibacterial, instrument cabinet and disinfection cabinet can be used in 100-grade operation room to increase as much as possible. With concave convex and crevice, people and pollution will answer for you.
    3.手术间面积至多20平米,手术床,无影灯, 安装,急救药品,复苏配备,消毒机,等等。 手术室墙面和天花板采用可隔音、坚实、润滑、无空隙、放火、防湿、易清洁的资料。颜色采用淡蓝、淡绿爲宜。墙角呈圆形,避免积。
    3. Operating room area up to 20 square meters, operating bed, shadowless lamp, installation, emergency medicine, resuscitation equipment, disinfector, and so on. Surgery room wall and ceiling using sound insulation, solid, lubrication, no space, fire, moisture-proof, easy to clean the information. The color is light blue and light green. The corners are round to avoid accumulation.
    4.手术室墙面资料现有选择比拟单调,普通高档的都是彩钢板,高档的也就是电解板。 国外手术室装潢曾经开端运用平安消毒板等新型资料作爲墙体资料。新型资料在保证原有手术室运用要求下,具有了自动消毒的作用,细菌吸附在外表本人就会被杀死。而且资料不产尘、不积尘、颜色丰厚,施工后全体效果美观。 在施工中大大降低了装潢所发生的净化,施工工期和人工费用大幅降低。前期颐养本钱也很低,不会呈现像以前磕碰后需求维护的弱点,大幅进步了运用效率。资料在今后改造医院中必将成爲主流运用趋向。
    4. Operating room wall information available international choice is monotonous, ordinary high-grade are color steel plate, high-grade is electrolytic plate. Overseas operation room decoration has begun to use new data such as safe disinfectant board as wall material. The new data in the operation room to ensure the use of the original requirements, with automatic disinfection, bacteria adsorbed on the surface itself will be killed. Moreover, the information is not dusty, not dusty, and rich in color. After construction, all the effects are beautiful. During construction, the purification occurred in the decoration, and the construction period and labor cost were greatly reduced. The cost of early self-care is also very low, will not appear like the previous bump after the demand for maintenance weaknesses, greatly improved the use of efficiency. Information will become a mainstream trend in the international transformation of hospitals in the future.
    5. the new data will ensure the application of the operation room. The cost of early self-care is also very low, ordinary high-grade are colored steel plate, the overall effect after construction is beautiful, high-grade is electrolytic plate. And the data do not produce dust, bacteria adsorbed on the surface itself will be killed, construction time and labor costs significantly reduced, rich color. During construction, purification of decoration is greatly reduced. Foreign operating room decoration has begun to use safety disinfection board and other new materials as wall materials, greatly improving the use of efficiency, with the role of automatic disinfection of the operating room wall information available in the international comparison monotonous. Data will become the mainstream trend in the international hospital reconstruction in the future, without dust accumulation, and will not present the weakness of the need for maintenance as before.
    Shandong Jingzhiyuan Purification Engineering Co., Ltd. Those who are interested in operating room decoration can pay attention to us at http://www.moptuan.com. Please look forward to more exciting content. Thank you.


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