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  • 走廊扶手对于医院到底有多大作用?
    来源:http://www.moptuan.com 浏览: 发布日期:2019-12-06
      The hospital is a sacred and inviolable place for people, and the hospital is also selflessly dedicated to everyone, enough to see the importance of the hospital! Therefore, the decoration of ICU is particularly important. Today, Shandong jingzhiyuan purification Engineering Co., Ltd. will take you to understand the importance of corridor handrails!
      Many people think that the handrails in the hospital corridor are the same. On the surface, we often see some blue and white or pink and white plastic and rubber handrails. But what Xiaobian wants to say is that we should open the surface to see the interior. The interior material is the main factor that determines whether the handrail can be used for a long time. Next, we will start from the selection of handrails.
      Hospital corridor handrail is an essential barrier free facility in modern hospital, which is generally installed on both sides of the hospital corridor to help patients. Handrails need to be designed for different medical users. From patients at home, disabled people, the elderly to nurses who take care of their own living patients in hospitals, they need anti-collision handrails. As a terminal product, they must be firm and easy to use.
      The handrail is composed of PVC panel and aluminum alloy bottom lining plus base. It has the functions of fire prevention, wear resistance, wall protection, handrail for the disabled corridor and anti-skid. It is suitable for hospitals, nursing homes and other public places. It can not only help the disabled and the weak walk, but also protect the wall.
      The handrail of hospital corridor generally has the characteristics of simple and bright shape, with skin lines on the surface, fire resistance and dirt resistance, and easy to clean. Various colors and models can meet the environmental requirements of various styles. The handrail part of the anti-collision handrail shall meet the requirements of human body mechanics. There is a comfortable and reasonable arc at the handrail. The elbow is made of the same material as the flat PVC, and there is no color difference. As a whole, it is the same plane as the plane plate, avoiding large joints, so as to achieve the beautiful and easy to clean effect.
      With the continuous development of the medical industry, people's living standards are constantly improving, and medical equipment is gradually approaching people's vision. For example, electric operating bed is essential in medical institutions. Of course, for this kind of equipment, problems will not easily occur, but the staff should also pay attention to it at all times to avoid problems.
      Fault phenomenon: the power indicator lights up and the cooling fan works normally after power on. However, the working bulb is not on and there is no output voltage. The fault with long service time is representative. Analysis and troubleshooting (1) after dismantling the machine, use an oscilloscope to measure the voltage between a and B similar points, which is adjustable and normal. It is suspected that the power tube is faulty. Dismantle two tubes on one side (because they are double lamps, they are symmetrical and the same as the circuit on the other side). The tube has worn off the surface model, which increases the difficulty of maintenance.
      The above is the introduction to the importance of corridor handrail by Shandong jingzhiyuan purification Engineering Co., Ltd! I hope I can help you. To learn more, please click http://www.moptuan.com


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