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  • 静脉药物配置装修需要考虑什么?
    来源:http://www.moptuan.com 浏览: 发布日期:2019-11-08
      The decoration of intravenous drug distribution center is different from ordinary home decoration and processing. The purification and decoration construction of the laboratory should avoid or reduce the interference of external factors on the accuracy of the experiment to avoid the aging or damage caused by the experimental environment as much as possible and reduce the risk generated in the test process to protect the laboratory staff as much as possible.
      The laboratory is a customized place, and the water, electricity, gas and heating of all kinds of laboratory decoration will be different, and the materials and methods used for decoration will also be different. In general, the first consideration for the decoration of civil buildings is comfort and practicability, but to be honest, the laboratory is totally different. The following operating room decoration company talks about personal views on the decoration construction of intravenous drug distribution center.
      1. 精度
      1. precision
      The ultimate purpose of building a laboratory is to ensure the accuracy of the laboratory test results, so the professional laboratory purification decoration design company will have a professional layout design, in the test area, to avoid mutual interference with the environmental interference results, aging and environmental damage in the test process.
      2. 安全
      2. safety
      Safety is the top priority of laboratory purification and decoration construction. Direct injury, indirect injury, long-term injury, equipment safety and personal safety are the top priority of laboratory purification and decoration construction. Among the water, electricity, gas and heating disciplines involved in laboratory decoration, the electrical and HVAC disciplines have the greatest impact on safety. Due to the unreasonable design of the laboratory, laboratory equipment damage, laboratory fire and explosion, laboratory personnel poisoning and other situations occur from time to time.
      3. economy
      All customers want to get the most profit with the least cost. The same is true of laboratories. Saving is not spending the least money, but doing the most with the least money. A professional laboratory decoration company will have a huge database, which can select the most suitable and cost-effective decoration scheme according to the needs of customers for decoration materials, laboratory furniture and laboratory equipment.
      4. 方便
      4. convenience
      The laboratory is equivalent to a small factory assembly line, with a standard test process from the beginning to the end. Because of the unreasonable laboratory construction, many laboratories will waste human and material resources, such as "running upstairs and downstairs, even the second time after the test". Convenience includes convenient operation and maintenance. Recommended reading: not all places can establish a laboratory, laboratory design theory site environment requirements 5. Visiting the laboratory is not only used to do experiments, but also a very important role is to show the strength of his client company, so the laboratory usually needs more intelligence and high, and can more convenient access, so we think that the important laboratory can be accessed.
      Thank you for your reading. Today's content is introduced to you. Our website is http://www.moptuan.com. We will release more information regularly!


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