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  • 医院装修要注意的细节你知道多少
    来源:http://www.moptuan.com 浏览: 发布日期:2018-09-05
    1. professional requirements, no dust, no dust, corrosion, moisture-proof, mildew proof, fire prevention, easy to clean. The color should be gentle and elegant, and it can be pale green and light yellow. Green and red blood complement each other, can alleviate eye fatigue, and the patient's mind has a quiet effect. Yellow has the function of balancing depression and preventing the convergence of green walls. Electrical planning, purification air conditioning planning, medical gas pipeline and terminal planning should be carried out according to professional requirements of indoor planning and decoration construction
    1. On the ground, should be flat, choose wear-resistant, skid-resistant, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, dust-prone and non-cracking decorative materials, 100-class operating room can choose anti-static, antibacterial, fire-resistant, wear-resistant rubber floor, light yellow PVC floor; 1000-class, 10000-class operating room can choose Beige terrazzo or artificial stone floor. Pay attention to the rubber floor or artificial stone floor, together with the upper part of the integrated Yin Jiao treatment. Metope - shaped aluminum plate or plastic aluminum sheet skirt, waterproof matrix paint emulsion, do joints. The terrazzo should be made of cement 425 or above with a diameter of 5-15mm to prevent cracking, peeling and sand formation. There should be no floor drain on the ground, otherwise there should be a way to prevent indoor air pollution, such as setting up high water sealed floor drain.
    3. Smallpox, need to be installed, installation of efficient filter air outlet, lighting, smoke extinguishers, etc., all kinds of pipelines should be hidden in the ceiling. The light steel keel 600 * 600mm white steel color steel cleaning board ceiling can be selected and sewn with sealant. The shadowless lamp on the top of the ceiling is a dark device, which can be used for the top of the second stage. The electric locus is selected on both sides of the top of the second stage to actively open and close, so as to reduce pollution as far as possible. Ceiling can also be suspended by aluminum buckle.
    4. Doors and windows, should choose dust-proof sealing sound insulation excellent double-layer hollow window, can choose stainless steel or plastic steel windows. Active induction electric color steel plate push-pull door and time-delay device should be used to prevent the phenomenon of "open the door for operation" that occurs frequently during operation.
    5. Light source, light source is an important element in decoration, about hospital decoration light source is also more important.
    Generally speaking, hospitals should pay attention to overcoming the monotony of single-color light in the use of time, rationally adjust the light source of warm and cold colors, better use of the help brought by the light source, to multi-circuit control, to use soft light on the basis of the light source and the use of unique light sources, more consideration of patients The state of mind.
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